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Table of Contents


Part I: Our History 

1.1           Our Current Story 

1.2          A Larger Perspective: Life on Earth

1.3          Gaia: Are We Something More? 

1.4          Humanity 

Part II: Moving Forward 

2.1           Systems Change

2.2          Diversity

2.3          Connection

2.4          Collaboration

2.5          Fear vs. Opportunity 

2.6          A New Narrative & Art 

2.7          You

2.8          Vigilance & Optimism 

2.9          Taking Flight 

Part III: A Vision 



At the beginning of my senior year of college, I was struggling with climate anxiety. I wanted to be more proactive in fighting the climate crisis, but panic and helplessness towards our future prevented me from fully taking action. Determined to overcome this paralysis, I used my senior thesis to explore hope. I interviewed dozens of climate activists, and read different perspectives on mobilizing around climate change, to try to figure out what empowers us, and what moves us to act. This is what I came up with. I hope it can help others the way it helped me. 

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